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Kids, Cops, And Confessions: Inside The Interrogation Room (youth, Crime, And Justice)

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Kids Cops And Confessions Inside

NYU Press

ISBN: 0814727778
Author: Barry C. Feld

It's essential to get a copy of Kids, Cops, And Confessions: Inside The Interrogation Room (youth, Crime, And Justice) a really good children's book by Barry C. Feld. The author is Barry C. Feld and it was published sometime in 2012 by NYU Press. The book is 351 pages long, click on the weblink below.

Juveniles possess less maturity, intelligence, and competence than adults, heightening their vulnerability in the justice system. In Kids, Cops, and Confessions, Barry Feld provides the first report of what actually happens when police question juveniles. Feld has produced an invaluable appear at how the justice system really functions. Contrasting routine interrogation and false confessions enables police, lawyers, and judges to determine interrogations that require enhanced scrutiny, to adopt policies to defend citizens, and to assure reliability and integrity of the justice system. For this reason, states try juveniles in separate courts and use different sentencing standards than for adults. Yet, when police bring kids in for questioning, they use the identical interrogation tactics they use for adults, including trickery, deception, and lying to elicit confessions or to produce incriminating evidence against the defendants. Drawing on remarkable data, Feld analyzes interrogation tapes and transcripts, police reports, juvenile court filings and sentences, and probation and sentencing reports, describing in rich detail what actually happens in the interrogation room.


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